Hey Friends! This month’s topic we are setting the focus on men’s health. What we can all agree on, male/female, big/small, young/old… is the recurring theme of low back pain our body endures during the changes in our life.

When our low back becomes tight or painful, our body naturally tenses to protect us. This protection mechanism will increase irritation into its neighbors including our hips and pelvic floor. Let’s connect all those pieces to soothe this system during a stretch routine that can be performed nightly to help release these areas.

This video https://bit.ly/3PKn2bB includes:

  • Cat Cow (10 reps)
  • Child’s Pose (3-4 cycles of breath in each position)
  • Figure 4 Stretch (3-4 cycles of breath each leg)
  • Lower Trunk Rotations (10 reps)
  • Filling breath (8-10 cycles of breath)

Don’t Forget!!

This Saturday is the Sex 2.0 workshop hosted by Amy. The class is educational and will teach you about your body, your body’s needs, and awareness of possible changes you may have experienced with postpartum sex.
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