You’ve got to lift all those Amazon boxes without hurting yourself, peeing your pants or worsening that prolapse!

Ok so I didn’t intend to look constipated when my daughter took this picture – that’s a different problem for a different email.

I know prolapse can be a scary word and that you’re often led to believe that means surgery or a lifetime of suffering but I promise, it is often fixable and you can definitely lift without making it worse!

  • Hunched over, I’m worsening abdominal pressure
  • Balancing things awkwardly means I’m likely not breathing well
  • Twisting also increased abdominal pressure

I want to be clear – it is completely possible to lift this way without injury – I did it in this picture. Now these items were fairly light and I don’t currently have any symptoms I’m addressing. Breathing has a lot to do with it – we want you to lift on an exhale and only slightly engage the core and pelvic floor. Clenching creates bulges and pressure and we want to avoid that. This also affects peeing

Click on the video button for some info about post partum prolapse and some solutions.

If you truly have any concerns or fears around lifting or any limitations this holiday season, call us! We want you to be able to put up all the decorations, celebrate all the Ho Ho Hos and have great Oh Oh Oooooos without fear of injury or worsening any type of weakness or bulging you feel. Please call so we can help! 623-226-4002 or reply to this email. I LOVE reading your replies, especially if you mock my cheesy jokes!

Happy Holidays all!

Amy and the MOT team

These videos are meant to be educational and instructional. They are not able to diagnose or treat a specific issue and are definitely not a substitute for a professional evaluation.

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