This week we’re talking about safety and fun in the sun! Happy Memorial Day to you all!

So many people celebrate the end of school and start of summer with pool parties. I’m a big fan but we’ve got some safety tips for you! Beyond the obvious like hydrate, use a natural sunscreen, enjoy more sun in the morning rather than the afternoon, we’d like to offer some other suggestions and they might take a bit more planning so we want to help you kick off summer safely and with fun in mind. 

Assign someone to watch the pool – just like you make sure you have a designated driver, make sure someone has attention only on the pool. When the kids were younger and we had year end parties, an older sibling was a lifeguard and we’d hire him to watch the pool while we were hosting. Now my babies are grown up and my daughter is actually a lifeguard (Oh that gave me an idea – she could guard so reply or reach out if you’re in need)

Ask your guests about swimming ability. Don’t assume that older kids can swim. We have a personal story about this that almost ended badly.

Keep an eye on pets as well – both in terms of water and around children

* Plan food and snacks to help you hydrate – lots of fruit and veggies

* Make sure to have lots of water on hand, especially if alcohol also on the menu nad helps to have it readily available in bottles or a large jug

* If you’re out on the water at one of Arizona’s many amazing lakes, watch for boats and other watercraft.

* If you have any inflatables, make sure they are staked down. Wind and storms can gust here unexpectedly. 

CrossNet and Cornhole are 2 of our family’s favorite games and we’re very grateful for a fairly large yard to play in. We even have yard dice. We may have been known to host an occasional slip and slide flip cup game (this video is not of me and my friends and definitely play at your own risk!) but it is awesome fun for sure – and no reason to exclude the kids as long as you keep juice or soda in the cups. 

What are your favorite outdoor games?

Or favorite summer activities?

We’d love to hear about any of them – better yet send pictures!

Our MOT team wants you to have a super fun and safe summer!

Email amy@momentoftruthpt.com if you do actually need a lifeguard for a summer party.



These videos and any content included are meant to be educational and instructional. They are not able to diagnose or treat a specific issue and are definitely not a substitute for a professional evaluation.

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