Well actually we are going to speak about sexual health and sex AFTER baby!

May is Women’s Health Awareness month and I am personally on a campaign to

  • Stop Suffering,
  • Stop Settling and
  • Stop Shame

and that could not possibly be more tangled up in a topic besides sex. Women need to know their own bodies and the nuance behind how our bodies work to be able to communicate better about our needs and what we want.

There are so many aspects to this, especially after having kiddos.

  • Being touched out
  • Overwhelm
  • Doubting how your body looks and feels.
  • Pain

Expectations – this topic weighs so heavily on a lot of couples. I’m extremely passionate about #changingtheconversation around post-partum sex especially in this area. Women don’t need to dread and wonder how they’re going to feel. Men don’t need to just wait around, not able to ask or say anything, desperately wanting to not make things worse yet wanting to connect with both their partner and their baby and often feeling displaced. The unknown, the fears, it all just piles up. So, what do we do?

We get more information!

Hormones can play a role – for more info on that, refer back to a few weeks ago when Dr. Murray shared about having Healthy Hormones! However, women tend to blame this far too often without looking at the bigger picture. Knowing our own anatomy and how males and females have a lot more similarities than differences can bring a lot of clarity. And of course, you know I have a lot more to say about that. Which is why I had to schedule our Sex 2.0 Workshop again.

Pro Tip: Use Lube. Every time.

Here’s a clip from a talk I gave where I’m discussing our cycle, changes in fluid and why it’s a good idea to just use lube. Learn about why in the video.

TRUTH BOMB, sex changes for EVERYONE after childbirth!

For more info about this 90 min workshop, click HERE **** we also highly encourage you to bring your significant other to this Event. Plus, with your ticket purchase and registration to Sex 2.0, your partner attends for FREE!

Say it with me everybody:

  • No Suffering
  • No Settling
  • No Shame

Would love to hear back from you with any thoughts, questions – or better yet, see you at the workshop! Join us as we dive into Women’s Health month!

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