“I am writing to recommend Amy and her services.  I gave birth to my daughter Henley via C-section.  Henley seemed very uncomfortable from the start, unable to lie flat, very gassy and not smiling.  I visited the pediatrician three times in the first week of her life because I knew something wasn’t right by her obvious discomfort.  I was told that her symptoms were “common” and to give her medication to help.  In speaking with Amy I finally got the acknowledgment and assistance for my daughter that I had been seeking.  Just because it is “common” doesn’t make it “ok” and Amy explained to me that my daughter had abdominal diastasis.  Amy not only helped bring comfort to my daughter but helped educate me.  I learned that when a baby is born via C-section there are steps in the birthing process that don’t take place take since the baby does not travel through the birthing canal.  Amy was patient with me and nurturing with my daughter.  After each visit my daughter would be all smiles and I could see the change in her immediately.  After just a few visits I noticed a huge improvement in my daughter’s digestive health.  As a mom I am so grateful to Amy and the support she provided us.”      


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