Hey guys – it’s Court. How’s everyone’s summer going? I wanted to bring you guys a tip this week to keep your fascia flowing as well as those waves in the pool.

You know we like to give you guys tools, especially if it involves no $$. You guys have places all over the house you can use inside and out! I was trying to think of how to show you guys how without looking weird…. but sometimes we just have to look weird and it’s okay. I do it for you guys. <3 But we often talk about how our fascia is a tangled webbing, so how we look when we feel a good stretch, may not actually look like how it does in yoga or exercise class when we are in specific poses and straight lines, sometimes it does, other times you might feel twisted up like a pretzel!

In this video I am out in my backyard using my pool fence as support, I am somewhat allowing myself to sink in and drop my weight in a bit while holding onto the rails with my hands. Sometimes using one hand as support to hold an area that I feel in the stretch, or using another hand to reach around in the air or rotate my arm to see where I feel it down my arm best, or rotate my leg/pivot my ankle until it feels it is in the right spot, and try to breathe into that stretch you may feel from neck to toe, or fingers to leg, once it softens enough, try and move into another direction and see what other areas you find.

The back ground noise is just a sprinkler so no need to have sound on, parents.

*DISCLAIMER* Listen to your body. Do not go too deeply into a stretch, especially if you know you have lax ligaments, bulged/herniated discs, nerve impingements, etc. If it is too painful that you can’t breathe into the stretch then ease off until you are able to comfortably, and you can always add more tension later if needed as it softens. Discuss with your Dr or PT if you are unsure.*

Here I was feeling like my low back needed some support over my SI joint in my sacrum, it felt very tight but it still felt good in the stretch, so I held it over that spot as I breathed into the twist it was going into.

Fascia is not a perfect angle. Here my right side of my body opens up a bit towards the sky but still rounds to stretch my low back and down the back of my leg, my head also decided it felt good to open looking/turning to the left.

I mean, this one kind of looks cool, lol. This was a good full side/front body stretch into the shoulder.

Yep, I had my leg half hung on purpose, it felt perfect right in that spot, it didn’t feel the same if I had it higher, and straighter, felt good in other places, but didn’t pull on the line of tension down my body the same. I breathed there until I felt it soften and I could lower it or move it to another area that pulled tightly. Apparently I had a lot of right sided tension that day.

Outside is a great way to get some sun on your skin, I like to go out in the early morning and as the sun is going down or when I am on monsoon cloud watch, and I can also be in the grass when I do this for grounding.

Think about what else you can use around the house. Countertops, door frames, dresser knobs/tops, heavier dining chairs, stair rail…even just leaning back to gently put a hand against the wall to add a bit more to a twist in the stretch you’re doing in the hallway really quick. Get creative and you might even learn something about yourself/your body!

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