Amy here! This month we are reminiscing about our summers, so we hope you’ll share back! Our family went to Mammoth Lakes. We had never been there before and had a blast. I LOVE the mountains – they are my happy place and it is one place that after a little nudging and cajoling, my family humors me and gets into goofy pictures. First of all – I LOVE swirly wood. Nothing in nature is a straight line – remind you of anything? FASCIA! Don’t worry, I won’t turn this into a work email 🙂

We also love climbing on trees and doing fun poses. You can go ahead and thank me now for limiting this to these 9 pictures. We had dozens and dozens- even more swirly wood and cool rocks. The waterfall below was at Rainbow Falls near Devil’s Postpile Monument and the last picture was a natural hot springs- they have a bunch there. So cool- well actually really warm!

The weather was mostly amazing and we had one particularly warm day when we went paddle boarding on the lake below. I think our favorite activity was taking bikes on a trolley up to the top of the mountain, then getting to ride this awesome bike path all the way down – gorgeous views, the river rushing along, tons of rocks and trees. We got amazing ice cream and they had this awesome HUGS banner so of course I sent it to the staff and asked them to pick their favorite. I highly recommend Mammoth Lakes for a summer getaway out of the Arizona heat.

SO – what fun adventures have you had this summer? We’d love to hear all about it and pictures are even better! Share your fun, even fun with your pets or in your pool, maybe a project you did this summer!

The back to school posts have begun. So much happiness and angst. Hopefulness and stress. Fresh starts and dread. Excitement and fear. Freedom and schedules. Too. Many. Feelings. I want them to go back and I want summer to last forever. I want to be at work but also want to be with them. If you’re feeling like me, join us next Wednesday!

Whether you’re celebrating or crying, we are HERE FOR IT!

Much love and Happy end of summer, but still hot as heck but happy back to school routines yet missing your kids and the hurricane that is about to begin with Happy Merry HalloGivingMas!


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