Hey MOT family – Amy here continuing our conversation on managing stress and calming our nervous system. If your life is stress free, you can go ahead and delete this email. Otherwise, let’s carry on 🙂
Awareness is a superpower that we love unleashing in our clients.

Click the link below to see Amy’s explanation of the Hum and Swallow technique.

Steps to follow: Let’s start with the characteristics of LOIS breathing
L – lips lightly closed
O – mouth open and relaxed
I – inhale and exhale
S – silently
• Deep relaxed breathing. See what you notice about your body and breath. Can you hear it? Where is your tongue in your mouth? Where do you feel tension.
• Then add the hum to your exhale
• When you’re ready, swallow. If for some reason you go to swallow and don’t/can’t, don’t worry at all. Just inhale again, exhale and hum and then try again.
• Check in and notice your body again. Any tension? what let go?

Breathing is the most powerful way to change/shift your tension and nervous system and it only has to take 2 minutes!
What are some of your favorite ways to relax? Can you get as relaxed as my crazy dogs? Luna (the black one) hope you sleep as well as she does and recommends trying this technique to fall asleep better. Honey (the yellow one) says to tell you that yoga can help! And so can leaving your Christmas tree up as long as you want to!

Send us some pictures of you relaxing! Especially after you try Hum and Swallow!


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