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Do not forget to give to yourself this holiday season. Maybe giving to yourself looks like an extra cup of coffee in the morning, a yoga class you have been wanting to get to, a hike in nature absorbing all the sunshine, a massage, dinner with some friends, a quiet night at home with family and takeout, or giving to others. All of these can be filling during the holiday season. As our calendars get full of events and activities, remember to schedule time for you.
My husband and I have started a tradition to take a hike the day after Thanksgiving. Spending time together in nature is filling for the both of us. Without the hurry and hustle of sales and shopping. 

As the Holidays near, what do you need for you to feel like the holidays without getting lost in the doing?
Being with family and baking cookies while watching holiday movies is one way for me to feel like it is the holidays, family traditions run hard. My second must is spending a night driving a few neighborhoods looking at the lights.
Hope this simple reminder helps you look twice at your calendar and remember what you need to fill your days with during the holiday season.
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