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Diane Palacios LPC, LISAC, PMH-C is the owner and psychotherapist at

Palacios Crew Counseling LLC and has grown up in AZ, is an intercultural

marriage for over 12 years with three children ages 11, 9, and 7.

Diane has worked in the mental health field and has served the community in

many capacities for over 27years. She graduated from NAU with a BA in

Psychology in 2002. Diane then moved to Pasadena, CA to attend Fuller

Theological Seminary and graduated in 2004 with a Masters in Multicultural

Ministries and Hispanic Studies and is bilingual in Spanish and English. In 2009,

Diane went back to graduate school at Grand Canyon University and graduated

in 2011 with a double Masters in Professional Counseling and Addictions

Counseling. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Licensed

Independent Substance Use Counselor (LISAC) as well as an Arizona Board of

Behavioral Health Approved Clinical Supervisor. Diane is a Certified Perinatal

Mental Health Professional and a Certified EMDR therapist and an Approved

EMDR Consultant in Training who specializes in working with women and

families in the perinatal period by helping new parents adjust to the changes in

life, processing birth trauma, grief and loss, or previous trauma, as well as

treating Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders.

Diane serves on the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners as well as is

a board member of Post -Partum Support International-Arizona Chapter.

– 4 tips to regain sense of self

– what does self care look like now

– Find a village

– be honest with yourself

– what the 1 thing most critical to your sanity

Whole spectrum of post partum mental health factors

PMADS – Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders

We discuss the differences between baby blues, post partum depression, PP anxiety, PP OCD (much less known), and PP psychosis

We also discuss PP PTSD and birth trauma

Treatments – parts therapy, inner child work

EMDR – eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy

We discuss the importance of finding a practicioner certified in perinatal mental health

Diane Palacios ⁠palacioscrewcounseling.com⁠

same for FB and IGPSI Arizona – ⁠psiarizona.org⁠  

For national resources ⁠postpartum.net⁠

To find EMDR therapists EMDRIA.org

Touchstone Institue also an amazing resources TouchstoneInstitute.org

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