Endocrine Mindfulness and Relaxation Technique

Start in a sitting or lying position in a quiet place. Eyes are closed to use visual imagery to help with reenergizing the endocrine system of the body. Breathe in and out through the nose fully and smoothly, lips closed, teeth apart and tongue resting at roof of the mouth.

Start to bring white or golden light into the crown of your head and slowly fill each organ taking your time to fully fill it with bright light and positive mindset be following the sequence listed below.

  1. Fill the Pineal Gland (it is between the eyes brows about 3 inches deep and the size and shape of a bean)
  2. Fill the Pituitary Gland (it is between the eye about 2 inches deep and the size and shape of a pea
  3. Fill the Thyroid Gland (it lies just above the collar bones on front of your neck one on each side like two halves of an orange slice)
  4. Fill the Thymus Gland (it lies above the heart and behind the sternum about the size and shape of an orange slice)
  5. The Adrenal Gland (one on each side just at the bottom of the ribcage about an inch out from xiphoid process the size of a fig)
  6. Fill the Testes or Ovaries (one on each side below naval and out about 2 inches towards hips at an angle the size of an almond)
  7. Fill the Pancreas (just left of the naval and up toward the ribcage at a diagonal about 3-4 inches long the size of a sponge)

Go back and let the bright light fill you from your head down your arms to your torso and legs and shine out through your feet covering and filling your entire body inside and out. Notice any areas that are dark and painful or difficult to fill and take time to really fill these areas up fully.

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