As I wrote a graduation card this weekend for a friend’s son graduating high school a flood of emotions came pouring in. How is it that it has been 20 years since I graduated? Should I go to my 20-year, reunion? Why would I go? I do not care to see a number of former classmates. I wonder what Kyle is up to? How did I lose touch with so many? Feelings of sadness, thinking of my husband’s best friend from HS and how we lost him all too early in this crazy thing we call life. Would I have been friends with my husband and his friends in HS if we lived in the same state?
All this in a blink of a thought, then finishing my well wished to the newly graduated. It is not that I am constantly thinking and feeling my emotions, I simply allowed the energy of these emotions and thoughts to pass through me. With MFR (myofascial release) we allow this to happen with old stuck emotions. Our tissue, our fascial system is a densely communicative system supporting and protecting us from these emotions from being processed until we feel safe enough and are out of flight, fight or freeze stage if occurred. Even happiness can get trapped into our tissue. Have you ever smelt a smell that took you back to your Aunts home on summer vacation as a child playing, bringing a smile to your face. Emotions are stored in the fascia and often treating and releasing the fascia through MFR we can bring awareness to emotions stored in the area of trauma to the surface. This might present itself in a session with us in the office, remember our treatment rooms are a safe place to feel your whole self and emotions. Sadness, angry, laughter, fear, shame, guilt, loneliness, etc. might come up. We encourage you to allow any and all feelings and emotions to arise within your sessions, we may dialogue and guide you through these feelings. These emotions are just stuck energy that is finally being released and moving through you. You are able to let them go and in turn move more freely following.
We are here to hold space as you fully feel whatever arises within a session. Look forward to treating you soon. Hugs- Melissa

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