You will not find anyone with more common sense, humility and life experience wrapped into one than John Correia and I think it’s also fair to say, his level of intelligence and humor is a rare combo.

We talk about faith, guns, therapy, social media, religion, books and the constitution – yep all in 1 episode!

John is the founder and CEO of Active Self Protection – with more than 3 million followers on YouTube, John is well known for his reviews of both police officer badge cam incidents as well as civilian interactions with criminals and the use of weapons for self defense.

  • We discuss the first amendment and all that entails
  • How to have a radical acceptance of reality
  • Life is truly a whole lot more “US” and a lot less “OTHER”
  • The deep wisdom of asking “Who is benefitting from my outrage?” when the world seems to be constantly stirring every possible pot around us.
  • Business ownership and the reality that the business is a reflection of you
  • Healthy communication – learning self regulation
  • We all truly want safety AND freedom which is not about gun control

John founded Active Self Protection in 2011 to teach people in all walks of life to develop the attitude, skills, and plan to defend themselves and their families from harm.

John is a nationally-recognized subject matter expert in private citizen defensive encounters and law enforcement use of force, a master firearms instructor, martial artist, court-admitted expert witness, and teacher of teachers whose passion is to help people from all walks of life better protect themselves and their loved ones from criminal violence. We’ve had to edit his total qualifications to fit in this space.

Use of Force Qualifications:

  • Force Science Institute Certified Force Science Analyst
  • Massad Ayoob Group certified Deadly Force Instructor
  • Law of Self Defense verified instructor graduate

Empty-handed Qualifications:

  • 13-year earned 2nd degree black belt in a derivative of Kenpo known as UMAS, studying under Professor Lawrence Robinson at Attitude First Martial Arts Academy. Continuous training since 2006, with goal to be under instruction at least 100 hours a year annually. Currently studying BJJ weekly and enjoying the journey.
  • Presenter at national martial arts gatherings specializing in empty-handed skills for firearms carriers and firearms skills for martial artists

Firearms related Qualifications:

  • Admitted as Expert Witness in Firearms
  • Rangemaster Certified Pistol Instructor, Certified Advanced Pistol Instructor, and plank owner Certified Master Firearms Instructor
  • Perfect shooting qualification scores on both FBI and Rangemaster qualification in basic; 99.6% on Advanced Qualification Test and 127.8 Score on the Core Skills Test in Advanced; 99.3% on Master Firearms Instructor Qualification Course and 96.8% on MFI Revolver Qualification Course.
  • AZPOST (Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training) certified Specialist Instructor in the areas of Firearms and Defensive Tactics
  • NRA Certified Instructor
  • Rangemaster Certified Shotgun Instructor, including perfect score on shooting qualification and written test
  • Deliberate Coaching Graduate and Blue Belt patch holder, The Complete Combatant
  • Extreme Close Quarters Gunfighting Instructor Development graduate, Active Response Training
  • State of Arizona certified Armed Guard instructor
  • Multiple Published author; latest shooting-related article published in Concealment Magazine #18 “You Never Forget Your First Time”

Social Media:

  • YouTube channel is among the most-viewed self-defense and firearms channels in the world on YouTube, routinely surpassing 40-60 million monthly views with over 1 billion lifetime channel views. Currently over 2.74 Million subscribers on the larger channel, and 150,000+ on the smaller channel, teaching self-defense and firearms use to good, sane, sober, moral, prudent citizens.
  • Facebook page reaches 1+ million per week with content to help self-defenders better protect their families.
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