Digestion Help for “Holiday Gut”
Sometimes the reason we are feeling low on energy is because of our digestive system. As we are within the beginning of the holiday season, drinking pumpkin spice lattes and eating homemade foods, and gathering with friends, we might begin to notice that we are feeling sluggish. This sluggishness might be our body’s way of telling us that it needs a little help. Have you noticed added bloating, irregularities with your number 2’s? When we slow down to listen to the signals our bodies are telling us we can, in turn, help ourselves out.

Seated or laying down,  you can help stimulate your digestive system by drawing big circles on your belly. Ascending colon- transverse colon- descending colon. Up the right side of your belly across just under your ribs, down your left side, and across your lower belly back to your right hip making a big circle.
Seated in a chair at the front edge, full inhale to lengthen your spine twisting to the right, a few breaths here, untwisting, and then inhale and twisting to the left holding for a few breaths.
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