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Join us for this engaging chat with Chad McLean, former Army Ranger on PTSD, healing with TRE, psychedelics and more!

Raised by a single mom and an alcoholic dad, Chad is no stranger to trauma. The army seemed like a way out. He worked his way up to special forces with the Rangers. 1 bad injury led to pain meds and stupid decisions – a story many have dealt with and faced on their journey. 

He shares his story along with so many of things that have helped him find his way through pain, PTSD and his own mental health battle, including being suicidal 2.5 years ago. Mikel Vega was a former seal who introduced him to TRE, trauma and tension releasing exercises that Chad now teaches at Healing Space yoga studio. This is an amazing way to help release and resolve trauma stuck in the body so that it no longer triggers you or impacts responses. Find out more at his website we listed below. 

He shares indepth information about ketamine, many psychedelics and his incredible journey to creating his own company, Mental Joe Apparel and their inspiring mission. 

Meet Chad and his amazing family over at www.mentaljoe.com, which is a 501c3 charitable organization with products made in the USA!

Some of the other resources we discussed were:


Fantastic Fungi with Paul Stamets

How to Change Your Mind with Michael Pollan

MAPS – Multidisciplinary Approach to Psychedelic Studies by Rick Doblin

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