At Moment of Truth, we sure do love all things BIRTH! and so does our next guest, doula Rebecca Turrigiano. She is the owner of Loving Touch Doulas, has been in Phoenix for 11 years after living many places in the world. She has been married 22 years, has 4 boys and 3 grandchildren and definitely some insights to share with us!

In this amazing episode about connecting with women in one of the most impactful times of their lives, we discuss birth, placenta encapsulation and more!

Episode Highlights:

  • Birth is a truly defining experience in life
  • Managing changes to your birth plan
  • Speaking about the unspeakable with post partum depression
  • Placenta encapsulation – What and why?
  • How her own love story shaped her as a doula

Whether you have questions about your birth, are interested in placenta encapsulation or birth photography, Rebecca is an amazing resource and loves helping families. Check out her website below to connect with her!

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Rebecca Turrigiano is a DONA certified birth doula who started “Loving Touch Doulas” in 2012 after the birth of her first Grandchild. Believing that every mother will always remember how she was made to feel during her labor and delivery, she is passionate about helping to equip and support her Doula families to be their own biggest advocates during this precious time.

Rebecca delights in introducing soon to be parents to a wide variety of evidence based resources and information to make decisions in tandem with their OB or Midwife whether birthing at home, in hospital or at a birth center. This enables women to be active participants in their prenatal and birth experience. Rebecca prides herself on having extensive amount of training in comfort measures and techniques which allows both the laboring mother and partner to have the most satisfying birthing experience possible.

Rebecca also offers Certified Placenta Encapsulation and Professional Birth Photography and Films for both Doula and Non-Doula Clients. 

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