Today we are talking to fitness expert, Nathalia Melo. Nathalia and I were connected through another PT, Antony Lo, and we all share a love for learning and empowering women to know and trust their bodies. I’m glad you guys can’t see Nathalia, because I’m sure she’s often misjudged once people see her physique and beauty, but she walks the walk you guys! She is as real as it gets, and we aren’t pulling any punches as we talk about fitness, workouts, nutrition and mom life!

Episode Highlights:

  • How to eat an elephant
  • Fitness isn’t all or nothing
  • How to let exercise meet many needs
  • How to love yourself and still ask for more

So what’s your thing? What do you want for yourself? What things do you want to do differently? Don’t worry about New Year’s Resolutions. Focus on who you want to be and 1 step you can start taking. Find a tribe, make it fun, and get whatever help and support you need to make it happen. Nathalia and I are here for you! She’s even got a special group about to start up, so make sure to check her links below!

For more on Amy, visit her Bellies, Babies and Birth Show Page: https://www.spreaker.com/show/bellies-babies-and-birth

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Hi there…

Nathalia here!

Thanks for stopping by and reading this bio to learn a little bit about me. I promise I will try my best to not make this a long and dreary bio full of information you probably don’t care to know. Hahaha

I started training at a very young age, and I’ve always been passionate about everything related to staying fit and healthy. That passion has landed me several magazine/newspapers covers and articles like for: Cosmopolitan, Muscle and Fitness Hers, Oxygen, Fitness RX, Muscular Development, The Daily Mail, to name a few.

Therefore, the commitment and discipline to my fitness regiment has also won me big awards like the prestigious Olympia competition, where I took the first place trophy in the Bikini division.

It is fair to say that for most of my life, I had a good grip on my training regimen…until I found out I was pregnant.

Learning to adapt my training during and after pregnancy was overwhelming, so I dove into countless articles, books, and research papers about training and nutrition. Ultimately, I decided to further my education and become a Pre and Postnatal Certified Trainer, to help me refine my understanding of how the body changes during these stages of women’s lives.

As a mother of two and someone who is incredibly devoted to this lifestyle not only for our bodies, but also for our minds, I have made it my personal mission to empower and help women to live a fitter and healthier lifestyle in ALL stages of their life!

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