Welcome – in this episode we talk about the many hats that Martha wears to offer healing to her clients. Hypnosis, color therapy, counseling, and life coaching are all areas of expertise she uses to come alongside clients to offer healing and help them reach their goals and potential. We’ve even included some of her free guided hypnosis sessions in links below!

Episode Highlights:

  • Learning about color therapy
  • Ways to break through limiting beliefs
  • What’s so special about dragonflies
  • Your story doesn’t define you

For more on Amy, visit her Bellies, Babies and Birth Show Page: https://www.spreaker.com/show/bellies-babies-and-birth

Or to listen now click here!

Martha Reed is Metaphysician, Life Coach & Counseling Alternative providing Intuitive Insights, Answers & Advice.

Dr. Martha has overcame many of her own fears and limiting behaviors, embraced her intuitive gift as a psychic medium, left a very successful 20-year career in Corporate America to pursue her dream of opening a wellness center, authored 3 books , recorded 8 self-help Hypnosis Audio CD’s, created a free self help hypnosis App, became an international speaker, publicly displaying the darkest days of her life and currently the owner and operator of the Insights For life center for wellness and her True REST Glendale Float Spa.

To Connect with Martha:

Click here for her website

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Check out my float spa TRUE rest Glendale and come float with us!

Books by Martha Reed PhD on Amazon  
Dragonfly Insights: A Visionary Guide to Self-awareness, Transformation, and Inner Peace Sunny Flower and His Fairy Good Friend: An Illustrated Children’s Book http://spab.kr/hycQliP

Hypnosis Audio CD’s by Martha Reed on AmazonHypnosis/Guided Meditations: http://spab.kr/CPWVzin

Download Free Hypnosis Sessions by Martha Reed Apple App

Store: https://apps.apple.com/om/app/self-hypnosis-with-martha-reed/id568723514

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.marthareed.ifl&hl=en_US 

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