What is MUTU? Kegels, core, diastasis – what are we supposed to do with all of this information anyway? Today, Ashley and Amy talk about their passion for helping women have much more confidence in their bodies after delivery or anytime something has interfered with their core muscles. MUTU is a specific system for retraining your core and recovering after post partum.

Episode Highlights:

  • Helping women know and trust their body
  • How back pain connects to your pelvic floor
  • When you build your core foundation, you can do anything
  • Only babies should wear diapers
  • What we don’t know CAN hurt us

You can listen now here!

Ashley Gammon, CPT, MUTU Pro, PR USA for MUTU System – the globally recognized postnatal recovery program for all women! I am a wife and mama to my three presidents, McKinley, Madison, and Monroe. A lover of hot coffee and cold beer and a huge advocate for women’s health! Don’t settle for anything less than epic ladies! 

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