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So with our work, we talk about consent A LOT! Related to medical procedures and birthing, related to our work and what clients are comfortable with and more. But MAYBE, just MAYBE if we could continue to destroy rape culture and confusion about consent at its roots, we could all feel a bit more safe, more heard, more known – and that leads to belonging and acceptance which is what we all really want. I hope you enjoy listening to this beautiful woman tell her story, share her insights and ways we can all contribute to greater belonging in our world!


  • How Molly went from fashion to fighting rape culture
  • Helping women feel beautiful and powerful
  • Clothing is not consent – Often “gray areas” where we need more communication and education – Speaking to our younger selves

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Molly Gildersleeve is a Scottsdale based fashion designer and activist passionate about women’s rights and the importance of healthy sexual education. During her time at Savannah College of Art and Design, she created This is Not Consent, an anti-rape culture platform and corresponding fashion line. Started in 2016, This is Not Consent grew out of a trauma the artist had experienced as a young woman and has been designed to create a voice for the hundreds of thousands of people who are living through sexual assault/ rape every year. Her work has evolved to be part of a larger picture; that of healing and strength. She now focuses her efforts on helping others and will be attending the University of San Diego in the Fall to pursue her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a focus in sexual trauma recovery.

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