Bellies, Babies & Birth - A Podcast

This week we get into what really is hypnosis and hypnotherapy. We’re not going to make anyone cluck like chickens or dance around naked. We get into yet another way to bring healing, looking at mind, body, spirit and emotions. I even take a little quiz where you can play along to see what you know or don’t (and what I do or don’t know LOL) about hypnotherapy and the way our conscious mind interacts with our subconscious and some things we can do to have better health in that arena!


  • What exactly is hypnotherapy?
  • Who CAN’T be hypnotized
  • 4 Life Principles
  • Addressing all 4 body systems

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Tina Sacchi is a Holistic Transformational Author and Consultant. She is a best-selling author and helps people heal by guiding them to release limiting beliefs, behaviors, and patterns so they live an authentic, passionate and balanced life. For sessions, events, retreats and free podcasts, visit: www.TinaSacchi.com. 

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