Hey guys, Madi here, one of the PT’s here at Moment of Truth. We are continuing the talk about breast health, we wanted to tie in a technique that we teach our patients at times for self-release within their breast tissue. We love prescribing the use of the fascial ball so patients can independently soften using their breath and any subtle unwinding to enhance the release. The placement of the ball is not directly on breast tissue but rather on the side of your ribs, where a woman’s bra may come across. Support the rest of your body comfortable so there is no straining. Adjust the ball accordingly so you feel a gentle tension but can soften and breathe.

Benefit of this fascial release?

It can help with many different tissues and structures in the area that are imperative for proper breast health, such as: Rib pain, Breathing mechanics, Posture, Blood flow, Lymphatic flow

Watch the quick video below on how to use the ball to self-release breast tissue!

Call our office at (623) 226-4002 to find out how PT can help with any breast soft tissue problems you may be experiencing!

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