Hellooooo MOT family!

Karen here and wow where has the time gone. It feels like just yesterday I arrived in Arizona after saying goodbye to California. But the time has come to say goodbye, return home to California, and graduate!

They always say time goes by fast when you’re having so much fun, and let me tell you, they aren’t lying. As I reflect on my time here in MOT and my time in Arizona, I can say that I learned more about myself as a healthcare provider. I came into this facility having minimal to no knowledge on the pelvic floor, and now I leave with a plethora of knowledge and experience. To the mommas and future mommas, I am in awe of your beauty and strength to bring a baby into the world, and for being so open about your experiences. My mind and thought process has been reframed for the better and I am excited to share my experience with others.

While in Arizona, I was able to explore Sedona, add new mileage to my little hiking boots, explore cute coffee shops, and discover surrounding cities. I was able to prioritize my health by establishing a routine for myself and go back to weightlifting (which became my self-care). With this I will miss the beauty of Arizona and am saddened that there was more I was not able to discover.

To Amy and Emily, thank you for creating a safe space for your patients, for listening to them and providing the tools for patients to return to what they love. Thank you for opening your doors to me and teaching me about this specialty, for having confidence in me when I had self-doubt. Thank you for teaching me to appreciate the human body from a different lens. I never knew a safe place like this existed, and I hope to run into a setting like this in the real world someday. You have both taught me more about this specialty than any textbook could and will ever provide, for that I am grateful. Thank you, Rachel, Meagan and Erica, Courtney and Paula for your support and for teaching me the ropes, and for easing my transition here. Thank you for being the friends I didn’t know I needed and for welcoming me with open arms and sharing laughs with me.

To my patients, I thank you for entrusting me as your provider and for also being my instructors and providing me the feedback to continue growing personally and professionally. Thank you for equally creating a safe space for me and listening to my adventures as I found my home away from home here. I will carry each and every one of you in my heart as this experience is unlike any other, and I am grateful to have experienced this journey with you as a student in a doctoral program.

I leave here with a full heart, and I promise I am not crying yet (insert several crying emojis). Although the heat is not for me as many of you have heard, I have fallen in love with this state and am sure to be back. This is not a goodbye but rather a see you all soon, and who knows the world has a funny way of working and maybe next time we run in each other, I will be a “full pledge adult who is now a contributing member of society.” Until then my friends stay safe and healthy and feel free to reach out and keep in touch!


Karen, SPT

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