Madi here, I could go on and on about all the techniques and strategies on how to help with stress relief, but I wanted to shake it up by motivating all of you to get out there and GO DO SOMETHING!

We live in one of the most populated cities in America, there is a ton of variety in The Valley with things to do with the family or simply to escape the family.

Hiking is a great way to get out for fresh air and enjoy the various landscapes AZ offers.

My favorite go-to hike is at Thunderbird Conservation Park near 59th and Pinnacle Peak. Specifically, the Arrowhead Point Trail is relatively short but offers a good climb to get the heart rate up. Use AllTrails App to see where hikes are, how hard and long they are!

Farmer’s Markets are fun to bring the family, it’s free! There are lots of booths to purchase awesome homemade goods, food, clothes, and more!

  • Park West – Saturdays 9a-1p
  • Arrowhead – Saturdays 9a-1p
  • Westgate – Sundays 9a-1p

Day Trips are very accessible for many destinations within 2 hours!

  • Prescott – Goldwater Lake then hit up downtown square for food, drinks, and vendors
  • Flagstaff – Canyon Vista Campground area to see beautiful landscapes and hit up Mother Road Brewing after for some games, music, and good beer!
  • Payson – Water Wheel Falls is beautiful and close to the town, walk is fairly easy to the falls, but you can adventure past the falls on a small trail. Macky’s Grill is a yummy American cafe that has a decent menu and good service!

Arts/Crafts are great mind exercises and make the time go by fast!

  • Puzzles – Go to Goodwill or Dollar Store to find cheap, secondhand puzzles to do then donate them back for someone else to enjoy!
  • Painting – There is an awesome paint and clay shop right by our clinic. Art on Fire offers a wine and paint class, clay pottery making, painting of pots, LADIES NIGHT and lots of other fun events, check them out!

Sewing/Crotchet This is a life goal for me to get into this! I want to be able to gift others my homemade items, it gives a more personal touch that loved ones can cherish for years.

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