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Want to soar through the holidays instead of just surviving?

Want to decrease stress and tension without always having to work out or get a massage?

Wish you had a healing superpower?

This goes beyond “self-care” and mindset to give you 3 practical strategies for really owning your health, accessing your own awareness as a superpower – no seriously! 

So what’s your motivation? Do you even have any this time of year? I have to admit, I have OCD. Obsessive Christmas Disorder. The upside is that I’m one of those people who can totally adjust my attitude for the better with hallmark movies, decorating, and hot cocoa. The downside is that I can also get spun up in trying to do ALL the fun things and bring in ALL the holiday cheer. And I HATE saying no to things and even worse, being told no, which is happening a lot with all the things getting canceled. 

It made me ask myself, what do I really want this season? What is it that truly brings me JOY and helps me feel closer to those around me? What is it that will help me feel good in my body – feel healthy and vibrant? Melissa, Jocelyn, and I got together and tried to think of what really helps each of us and how we could send that out to help all of you too! And since I am ABSOLUTELY against the word survival, I decided we had to call it a Holiday Thriving Guide. Melissa and Jocelyn tried to veto but that’s the upside of going first!

Whether you don’t have the time to leave the house, don’t feel good about being in public, or aren’t sure where to invest the small sliver of time you can carve out for yourself, this webinar is for YOU!

We offer 3 different areas to help you not just survive the holidays but thrive and soar thru them, hopefully with the joy and community we’re all truly longing for. This whole year has been one giant change of plans, with lots of upheaval and uncertainty so we’re offering you some certainty about how you can take care of yourself, feel good, and keep moving into 2021 – all without leaving your home (unless you want to) and with very little time and NO money! If this sounds perfect for you, click here to sign up for our free webinar!

  • Do you want to learn how to breathe better?
  • Do you want to have more confidence about connecting to your core and pelvic floor?
  • Do you wish you knew a better way to resolve your own tension until you can get yourself in for a good massage (hint hint we have those with Courtney)?
  • Do you want to truly have more peace so that you can quiet yourself in those moments where everything starts to spin?
  • Would you like more awareness so that you know exactly where in your body needs some love and attention?
  • Would you like more awareness so that you can ground down and stop everything from feeling out of control?

For my part, we wanted to help you with tension–anywhere in your body. Maybe getting out for a massage isn’t an option for you right now. The ball can actually take away so much tension and we will give you one FREE when you come by the office. If you don’t live here in Phoenix, I can send you the Amazon link to pick some up. It’s great to have several and have different levels of firmness for different areas of your body.

Don’t worry! This is only 1 part of our webinar. We promise to answer all those questions above. Click here to get the webinar sent to you now! We’ve got great info to ensure you can connect your core and pelvic floor with confidence. Then you get to tap into your very own superpower of awareness and learn body scanning so you can really be most effective picking where to release tension. 

Once you find the tension, now what? What if simply “letting go” by pure will just isn’t enough and you need a little more help. Here at Moment Of Truth Physical Therapy, we like to give our clients a myofascial release ball to complement the fascial work we do during our in-person sessions. 

Self-treatment with this ball is a great way to work on releasing tension held in your spine and muscles. Understanding your fascia will help you know how to listen to your body and treat yourself more effectively and with more lasting results.

To learn more about myofascial release, here are a few of our favorite resources: 

Click here for more info and a short video showing you exactly what’s going on inside your body! 

PS: If you are wondering what ball we like best, stop by our office at AZ Healing Space, and we will give one to you for free!

Also, if you watch our webinar and send us an email or, better yet, a video telling us which strategy made the biggest difference for you, we will enter you to win a free week of yoga at our beautiful studio! One drawing every week so several will win!

Please give me access to the free webinar!

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