Stress is important for our survival. Stress is the body’s innate capability to self-preserve by staying away from harm. Stress is harmful to us and our systems when the demands of stress in front of us outweigh the resources we have at our disposal to combat the stress.

Our sympathetic system which most of us know of as ‘fight or flight’ releases cortisol in moments of stress. However, this is only meant to last for a few minutes. In modern day chronic stress can lead to a steady release of this stress hormone increasing possibility of illness.

Though yoga we are able to come on to our mat and find resilience, developing a healthy relationship with stress. Scanning inward to self and one’s own body, feeling body sensation, experiences, emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Through mind body connection with able to gains coping strategies in turn controlling how we react to stress and stressors.

Generally, yoga is a safe way to increase physical activity. It may also have many health benefits.

According to scientific research, yoga may:

  • reduce stress
  • relieve anxiety
  • help manage depression
  • decrease lower back pain
  • improve quality of life in those with chronic conditions or acute illnesses
  • stimulate brain function

When trying yoga for the first time, join a class for beginners under the direction of a qualified instructor to avoid injuries. Yin, Restorative and Fascial Flow focus on finding calm.

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  1. I love promoting yoga because of the significant benefits that it offers. For an active person like me, who face stress a lot on a daily basis, I found yoga as my stress reliever. It helps in the overall conditioning – body, mind, and soul. After a yoga session, I felt like I was renewed and energized. I ensure that before the week ends, I set myself up for a yoga session.

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