Spinal mobility. That sounds good, right? I think I should probably have some of that. But what stretches help the most? Glad you asked. THIS is my FAVORITE stretch. Seriously. So much Bang. For. Your. Buck. If I only have time for one thing, I do this. It can work on everything from shoulder and upper back to mid and low back, into my hips, hip flexors/psoas, quads and ITBs. And if that’s not enough (now I feel like I’m selling something on late night television), it can progress from a slow, mobility stretch, into a dynamic warmup. Check out the video and then take it for a test drive!



See what I mean? It slices, it dices. It makes julienne fries. But seriously, I hope you fall in love with this as much as I have. It truly is a versatile stretch and covers a lot of areas which can be so important for pain-free movement. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We absolutely love helping people move better and get back to doing the activities they love, with confidence!



These videos are meant to be educational and instructional. They are not able to diagnose or treat a specific issue and are definitely not a substitute for a professional evaluation.

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