So what the heck is that thing in the corner on the yoga mat? It’s a Chi Machine! Still don’t have any idea what it is, do you? Well the simple explanation is that you lay down and place your feet in the cradle and it wiggles side to side. Watch the video to see how it works and then I’ll explain more about the benefits.

The main reasons I love when clients take advantage of the chi machine are 1) it gives them 10-15 minutes to leave behind the “to-do” lists, errands, all the things spinning around in their heads and start to truly feel into their bodies and 2) We “hit the ground running” with our sessions because they have much better of awareness, their fascial system has started to mobilize and they are connected!

In terms of benefits: It helps with pain, softens restrictions, improves circulation, mobilizes the lymph system which boosts immunity, increases energy, better tissue oxygenation, enhanced breathing which I’m always working on with clients, and much more. Cassie is usually available to help get you started and there is a handout on the shelf next to the mat with more information and positioning tips that you’re welcome to read.

Call us to schedule and make sure to get here early for some tea and your session on the chi machine! 623-226-4002

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