Melissa here! Wanted to share a bit of my summer in celebration for all that is good.

My summer began in May with a trip to the Caribbean with my Hubby for his 50th birthday. We are the type to want to relax and feel refreshed after a vacation so he chose to spend a week at the beach doing nothing… I mean literally nothing about our week. It rained one day so we got to dance, run and laugh in the rain back to our room from lunch. We went snorkeling, went on a boat ride, got a massage, relaxed in the sun, had a few cocktails, floated in crystal clear water and left our phones in the room, besides to take a few pictures.

I also went on my very first camping trip this summer with two amazing friends. Mind you two free spirited friends without plans, plans to just drive up and find a place to sleep, a bit out of my comfort zone. However, we grow outside of our comfort zones.

This led to my adventure side itching for more, getting a hammock for my birthday and spending some summer weekends on day trips with family north to get out of the heat and into nature. Nature was my word of the new year, and I fully love how much time I have got to spend enjoying its beauty this year so far.

Hugs – Melissa

Hope that you have all had amazing summers as well spending time in nature and finding a bit of recharge as I was able to this summer.

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