Hey Moment of Truth Family – Amy here and we are continuing our conversations on mental health, especially for that unique post-partum period. Our work here is trauma informed as is all of our yoga. We want all of our clients to have all the resources they need for their healing and mental health is a huge part of that. Below are some of our favorite providers and how to get in touch with them!

Live Well Training Center – this amazing new space house many different therapists including Kate Shipp and Chrissy Shaver. They are close to us right over in Glendale. 17431 N 71st Dr Ste 104, Glendale, AZ 85308

Chrissy Shaver – Positively Fitt Chrissy specializes in brain-based fitness training and treating trauma through movement. (Pictured below left)

Kate Shipp – Hope for Healing Kate is a Christ-Centered Yoga Therapist specializing in trauma recovery and mental health. She uses the teachings of Jesus, the philosophy, and practices of yoga, combined with the neuroscience of trauma, to help you overcome pain from your past, to remember your wholeness, and live a life you love. (Pictured below right)

Post-Partum Mental Health Providers

Caitlyn Skeens – Sagewise Wellness. Caitlin is committed to coordinated and comprehensive maternal care, putting your wellness as her utmost priority. Working alongside you, she will utilize her trusted relationships with perinatal providers throughout the community to tailor her approach and meet your specific needs. Caitlin’s vast network of service providers includes nurses, doulas, midwives, lactation consultants, perinatal psychiatrists, behavioral and mental health therapists, perinatal and pediatric chiropractors, pediatricians, pelvic floor PTs, connection to social support, and more. You are a whole, dynamic, multi-faceted and unique person; Allow Caitlin to work with you and unveil your maternal wisdom. (Pictured on the left)

Dr. Jessica Kafer and Dr. Pickering with Perination. Perination encompasses growth and resilience. The word is derived from the botanical world and adapted from the term “Perennation” which is a plants ability to survive and flourish from one season to the next–especially in times of hardship. “Perination” symbolizes the transitions, growth, and struggles a woman faces through each season of motherhood. They have many resources for navigating transition into motherhood. (On the right below)

There are so many great providers here in the valley and these are just a few of the ones we refer back and forth with! Please reach out if there are other areas of town or types of clinicians you are looking for (naturopath, nutritionist, EMDR, other types of therapists, etc)

You are worth feeling happy, healthy, and whole! Please know there are lots of ways to get there and we’re here to help, as are these amazing ladies!

Much love and many blessings,


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