This photo was taken on June 22, our 3rd wedding anniversary sharing a beautiful night at Lake Pleasant eating some Chipotle! We had no idea this would be the last photo of Gus as an only child.

Woke up June 24th to see a darling little doodle pup available at AZ Small Dog Rescue. We causally went to “go meet her and see if she’s a good fit”…

Everyone meet Halsey … she’s a 10mo old Whoodle and Gus loves her to pieces!

For the 4th of July weekend we drove to Durango, CO to meet my bestie from college. It was absolutely beautiful, very green! It did rain a decent amount, but we soaked up every ounce of the chilliness, sitting by the campfire and cuddling the new family member.

We ended our summer with an overdue trip back home to North Dakota. They have been blessed with lots of rain this year, blessing us with more greenery for this trip. We were very busy catching up with friends and family as we haven’t been back in 9 months. Visiting grandparents, meeting lots of new babies, friend’s wedding, family dinners and many happy hours were enjoyed in a quick 5 days!

This summer brought me love, adventure, and gratefulness being able to do the things I love with the people I love most. Take this moment to reflect on the good that has happened this summer and how you can continue those good vibes as school is in full swing and holidays are just around the corner! Much love, Madi

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