Hello all! I wanted to reach out and offer this as a chance to connect, strengthen our awareness and inner healing power. We all have so much light within us. Our breath is powerful and it’s imperative that we feel deeply during this time so that the light can win, the love can win. If that sounds a lot more woo-woo than you’re used to hearing from me, well this is a new time and I am digging deeper, just like we’re guiding all of you to do.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief meditation. We will be bringing you more of these as well as other tools for moving and feeling your best right now. We are still open and are also offering zoom video consults for those more comfortable with that or who have been exposed or aren’t feeling well. Also be using music to keep your mood positive and spirit lifted. It is incredibly powerful and I am so blessed to know Garth Whitcombe and his amazing wife, Sandy, wonderful myofascial therapists out of Nashville. Garth’s music is created specifically for healing and can be found here and I am so grateful for his permission to use it for these meditations.

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