Madi here! — Let’s kick off our month of September with the focus toward endocrine health. The endocrine system is VERY important as it includes many glands within our bodies that secrete viable hormones that help to monitor and regulate necessary functions of our bodies that include:

Metabolism, development, emotions, mood, sexual health, and sleep!

When asked to chat about hormones for this Wellness Wednesday, I quickly came to think there is no one better to speak to this topic than an integrative medicine, naturopathic doctor that specializes in hormone health. Therefore, I got the lovely opportunity to interview Dr. Mallory Murray from Arrowhead Integrative Medicine to help educate us more on the importance of hormone regulation, supplements and learn how a naturopathic doctor can help each and every one of us.

Listen to Dr. Mallory and Madi’s conversation about hormonal changes that can happen and how to be aware of our own imbalances!

I didn’t lie on the recording… I literally booked a consult with Dr. Mallory immediately after this meeting to learn more about what’s happening to my body on the inside and get more knowledge/guidance regarding my diagnosis of hypothyroidism.

To learn more about Dr. Mallory Murray and her practice with Arrowhead Integrative Medicine, check out her website HERE. Reminder, the best way to reach her is by inquiring your information on the book appointment button on her website.

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