Many practitioners have made the transition to cash practices and patients are left wondering what is going on and why their insurance isn’t offering them what they apparently need. With rising copays and deductibles, it can often feel like you’re spending your money twice, which is obviously frustrating.

Here’s my thoughts on why spending your hard-earned money might actually save you money and improve your health.
1) Attention: With my specialty practice in myofascial release and pelvic floor health, my clients have the confidence of knowing they can reach me given they all have my cell number. I have no office staff or online scheduling, currently. I am the only therapist you will see and you have my full attention for the entire session, rather than being shifted over to a tech or trainer for exercises or to be put on ice and e-stim. I listen to your needs and goals and we base our plan of care on that.
2) Effectiveness: Rather than going to traditional physical therapy 3x/wk, requiring more time away from work and family, taking more energy and still requiring payment of your copays, which are increasing and are often $40 or more per visit, patients typically make consistent progress coming in once a week for either a 60 or 90 minute session. This saves time, money and avoids more time away from work and family.
3) Freedom: With insurance based practices, patients typically need a script from their doctor which can then limit what areas can be addressed at each session. I address whatever area is creating symptoms and causing the underlying restrictions and can help alleviate the problem more permanently and effectively. Patients might be coming in mostly for low back pain and sciatic pain, but one session they arrive with a splitting headache. We are free to determine what is most beneficial to address at any given appointment.

The number 1 reason I created my own practice is so I can have a relationship with my clients to build on what they need, improve their ability to enjoy life, help them reach the goals we will set together and gain confidence and independence taking charge of their health and managing any future pain without the fear of needing medications or relying on doctors.
In case you’re still wondering about the donuts, come on in and we’ll have some donuts! I’ll bet you dollars to donuts you won’t be sorry!

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