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Do you ever wonder what drives us to do something? Why do we ever want more? A dream? A vision? A plan? For me, the desire to create the Moment Of Truth Healing Space all started with yoga.

Not to be trendy. Not to be bendy. (I feel a Dr. Seuss moment coming on.) Not because it’s safe after having a baby. Not because it both strengthens and lengthens. C’mon catch the rhyming vibe with me. Not because it helps our core, or because aerial and Buti aren’t a bore (ok I’m reaching now). Seriously there are dozens of reasons I felt inspired and compelled to create a yoga studio at the heart of our new space. It might seem dramatic to say compelled, but any of you that know half of what we went through to get the space open know it didn’t happen just because I had an idea.

I love the quote from Jennifer Lee “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets the soul on fire.” Creating a community of women, for women, where being known, safe and feeling whole was our pursuit – together. I’d been in the “healing” business for a long time. I wanted more – for me and for my clients. So how? I had already found myofascial release and knew that it was the only way I’d discovered that could open up so many paths of healing for the body and even the emotions – that offered healing on a deeper level, something authentic and lasting. But still there was more. I knew that yoga offered more. Simply because breath, combined with movement, combined with inner awareness is the absolute best way to heal. And yoga was a missing link in what I wanted to be able to offer our clients.

Listen here if you’d like to hear me share more about this – or just keep reading.

Do you ever feel like your body is just revving – like you have one foot on the gas and one on the brake at the same time? A LOT of us do. More on that in a minute.

Myofascial release, the work we specialize in here at Moment of Truth Physical Therapy, provides valuable touch to help clients be able to feel into their bodies and have that become safe again. It resolves restrictions and calms inflammation so that there is more ease (also read as less dis-ease) in the body. This is critical, but it gets significantly more powerful and lasting when we can empower clients to breathe well, expand their awareness of what they’re feeling at any given moment, combine it with movement and keep their nervous system from signaling the need to fight, run or freeze.

So many of us have traumas – whether something like PTSD from serving in the military, surviving a rape, molestation, a car accident, neglect as a child, loss of a loved one, miscarriage – the list obviously goes on and although, the severity of what we have endured may vary – all of us have traumas. And our body keeps the score! (amazing book with that title)

We don’t just offer physical therapy. We don’t just offer myofascial release and we don’t just offer yoga. What we truly want for everyone who comes through our doors at The Healing Space is vibrant, thriving health where they can be fully present in their body, feel whole and well and not have things from their past hijacking their current reality or making them feel trapped, stuck or somehow out of control. So that’s why we offer what we offer and we hope you to choose to go on this journey with us!

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