Bellies, Babies, & Birth – Yoga 101, Heather Wiest

Yoga is literally breath, which means it is life. Heather and I dive into reasons to do yoga, different types, and its many blessings. Heather herself has been an incredible blessing in my life and I am beyond thrilled that

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Wellness Wednesday – Cat Cow

This was one of the first videos I made but it has been coming up a lot lately. And with different types of clients. Pregnant, post partum, pelvic pain and even some of my male clients. There are a lot

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Wellness Wednesday – Diastasis self check

Lots of women have concerns about diastasis after pregnancy. Right away, I want to state that checking yourself can be a bit tricky and pay extra caution to the 2 things we measure – depth and width. I’m mostly referencing

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Wellness Wednesday – Lunges

Some of my amazing clients are needing harder and harder activities to progress their strength at home. When there has been pelvic pain, shifting, what feels like instability or pubic symphysis pain, we avoid single leg asymmetric things like lunges.

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Wellness Wednesday – What you need to know about your pelvis

I’ve had the absolute joy of talking to 3 different groups of women these past few weeks and we’ve talked a lot about common versus normal, leaking, prolapse, sex and more. Are you pregnant and feeling like nothing can be

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Wellness Wednesday – Sidelying Rib Stretch

Follow me – Most people complain of neck or shoulder pain. But shoulder pain often comes from scapular tightness which often comes from tightness along the midback. Tightness in the midback often causes the neck to move too much and

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Wellness Wednesday – Your perineum

The perineum. What is it? Where is it? How does it relate to pelvic pain, childbirth and your activities? Pain with sitting, sex and exercise or even just general pelvic pain can at times be caused by the perineum. Watch

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Bellies, Babies, & Birth – What is EMDR? And what does it have to do with Postpartum?

Counseling has so many approaches, theories and techniques and today we are focusing on EMDR. Jennifer and I share a passion for helping women be free from trauma, free from limiting beliefs, free to feel confident and empowered. We also

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Wellness Wednesday – Spinal Curls

Flexibility is critical for avoiding injury. When our spine moves well, our nerves and muscles are happier. Keeping our center nice and mobile also avoids extra strain on our hips and shoulders. This is one of my favorite movements for

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Bellies, Babies, & Birth – Naturopathy 101 with Dr. Freeze

Naturopathic medicine is often misunderstood but more people are looking for more holistic answers to their health concerns. There are many misconceptions about how a naturopath is different and some of them have different focuses so I sat down with

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Wellness Wednesday – Chi Machine

So what the heck is that thing in the corner on the yoga mat? It’s a Chi Machine! Still don’t have any idea what it is, do you? Well the simple explanation is that you lay down and place your

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Wellness Wednesday – Deep Squat

So we are long past the days of women only being barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen – yet here I am, barefoot in the kitchen but DEFINITELY not pregnant! However, I have a great stretch for pregnant women, or

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Bellies, Babies & Birth Podcast – Building Community with Malia Battilana

Since I dreamed of having a podcast, my main purpose has been to build community and provide more resources to mamas so it’s extra fun to connect with other women doing that same thing and sharing that same passion! Malia

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Wellness Wednesday – Kneeling hip flexor stretch

Yep. All The Things – that’s my favorite. Just ask my husband. This stretch is another one that gets into several different areas. It should be a comfortable position that allows you to really sink into it and wait for

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Broken Dams Lead to Breakthroughs

I needed that dam broken to have the breakthrough! I’ve done a lot of work on mindset lately. Life of an entrepreneur I guess. If you want to grow, (whatever growth means to you) then you have to learn how

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Wellness Wednesday – How Massage Can Help Postpartum

Whether crazy positions from feedings, all the ways you hold your baby, hormonal changes or feet in your back from that precious co-sleeping, massage can be an important part of recovering after delivering that little angel. Listen to Courtney explain how! We don’t want

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Wellness Wednesday – Inch Worm

Dynamic warmups! Let’s do this! Great combo of yoga and movement to loosen up the upper body and entire posterior chain (that’s fancy talk for the whole back of the body). Check it out below! So watching is boring. Go ahead,

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Wellness Wednesday – Nerve Glides for the Arms

Ever wonder if you have carpal tunnel or if something might be wrong with your neck? That can feel scary really quick because we often associate those thing with needing surgery. There are so many spots that nerves can get

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Wellness Wednesday – Standing Stretch for hip flexors, core and more!

I love this stretch because it’s easy to do anywhere. Your home, office, the airport – ANYWHERE! All you need is a steady chair or stool, be near a counter or wall and you’re ready to go. I like to take balance

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Bellies, Babies & Birth – Brave Healing and Badassery, Laura Di Franco

This week on Bellies, Baby & Birth, Author and holistic physical therapist, Laura Di Franco joins Amy to talk about “Brave Healing and Badassery!” Episode Highlights: Many ways to healing Insights into the gift of awareness for healing Badassery at

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