So many women wonder what kind of exercises they can start after baby. Truthfully, everyone is different because every birth experience is different, making it challenging to give a "one-size fits all" program. While it is ideal for women to have an individualized assessment, we understand that isn't always possible. In the guide below, we've included a general framework that we use for helping women return to exercise after giving birth. Before starting any exercise, be sure to be cleared by your medical team and pelvic floor physical therapist. At the end of the guide, we've included red flags to look out for, that indicate you are overdoing it. In general, use your breath as a guide. In other words, you should be able to breathe through these movements. Download the free guide to Your First 12 Weeks - A Post Partum Guide below.

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Your First 12 Weeks - A Post Partum Guide

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