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Wellness Wednesday – Stress & Worthiness

Unmet expectations. How are you at asking for what you need/want? How well do you receive? This all plays into how we feel, how we communicate with our partners and dramatically impacts our sex life! For better or worse, the

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Wellness Wednesday – Deep Squat

So we are long past the days of women only being barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen – yet here I am, barefoot in the kitchen but DEFINITELY not pregnant! However, I have a great stretch for pregnant women, or

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Wellness Wednesday – Shoulder Openers

Have tightness in your neck? Get headaches? Ever wonder why you can’t fully resolve that tweaking pain in your shoulder? This stretch could HELP! It’s one that I personally have to do often. SO many of us get tight up between

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Bellies, Babies, & Birth – What is Float Therapy, with Martha Reed

Today we’re talking to Martha Reed about her True REST float spa therapy! REST stands for Reduced Environmental Stimulus Therapy so we’re going to chat about that and find out why you might be interested in trying this out. I

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Wellness Wednesday – Cat Cow

So we’re focusing on GRATITUDE this week. I, for one, am very grateful for this movement as it has lately been instrumental in working out tightness in my back. This was one of the first videos I made but it

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Wellness Wednesday – Touched Out

Ever wonder why you find yourself recoiling when your toddler climbs up beside you on the couch, or even a hug from your husband feels annoying? This is a short clip from a talk I did on pelvic health and

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Bellies, Babies & Birth – More Than Massage with Courtney Giroux

This is a special episode with our very own Courtney Giroux. This woman brings so much heart to her work. She has lived through so much and has found her own resources for health and she brings all of that

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Wellness Wednesday – Wall Kicks

Wall Kicks If you are looking for a tool to increase your stomach strength with day to day activities, this exercise will help retrain your core acting as a building block for twisting, bending and reaching movements. arms reached out

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Wellness Wednesday – Mindful Movement

Sometimes once we have baby, we are so excited to have more mobility now that a bowling ball isn’t there, that we may forget that baby may have pushed on those abdominal muscles for a long time and they may

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Bellies, Babies & Birth – MUTU with Ashley

What is MUTU? Kegels, core, diastasis – what are we supposed to do with all of this information anyway? Today, Ashley and Amy talk about their passion for helping women have much more confidence in their bodies after delivery or

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Wellness Wednesday – Hum & Swallow

This technique is amazing at calming the nervous system, syncing the cranial nerves (which further calms the nervous system), the vibration can help expand releases throughout the body and we can use it to reveal other areas of restriction. So.

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Wellness Wednesday – Psoas Stretch

The Psoas is a very mighty and important muscle that often gets forgotten about. It gets used all the time when we are sitting, going up the stairs, bending over, it helps us even with breathing….we use it a lot!

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Bellies, Babies & Birth Podcast – Intuitive Healing with Martha Reed

Welcome – in this episode we talk about the many hats that Martha wears to offer healing to her clients. Hypnosis, color therapy, counseling, and life coaching are all areas of expertise she uses to come alongside clients to offer

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Wellness Wednesday – Neck Stretch

Neck Stretch Sequence The majority of us could use help with our posture, computer work, driving, breastfeeding and caring little ones all pull on our posture. These stretches are meant to help relax your neck allowing for a looser and

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Wellness Wednesday – Figure 4 Stretch

This week we would like to share a new stretch to decrease hip and lower back pain. This stretch is to stretch the muscle that attaches at your sacrum to your hip bone, performing rotation at the hip. Figure 4

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Wellness Wednesday – Doorway Pec Stretch

Do you struggle with pain and tension in between the shoulder blades, neck and shoulders? Sometimes we need to check in with how our posture is doing, and even though you may be stretching those areas, you may find that

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Bellies, Babies, & Birth – Buti Yoga with Allison

Do we really need ANOTHER type of yoga? I can tell you it’s a resounding YES! This episode will explain why and so much more. Are you looking for breakthrough? Wishing you could exercise and feel free at the same

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Wellness Wednesday – Upper Spinal Twist

Our upper backs can get tight from poor posture, lifting and carrying. This simple stretch can help ease tension allowing you to preform your daily tasks with less tightness.  Stretch Tips: lay on side, knees bent, arms stretched out in

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Bellies, Babies & Birth Podcast – Journeys to Healing, Featuring Dr. Jen Givens

Connections coming to you from the northwest valley! Jen Givens from Ignite Family Chiropractic joins us to chat about our shared passion for helping mamas and babies feel healthy and whole! Episode Highlights: Journeys to healing Miscarriage, Adoption and Motherhood

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Wellness Wednesday – Filling & Emptying Breath

This month we are talking about awareness and nothing is better for awareness than breathing. This activity connects our breath to the pelvic floor and can also be used to enhance exercise and provide greater confidence during activities. Correct breathing

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