Bellies, Babies & Birth – Brave Healing and Badassery

This week on Bellies, Baby & Birth, Author and holistic physical therapist, Laura Di Franco joins Amy to talk about “Brave Healing and Badassery!” Episode Highlights: Many ways to healing Insights into the gift of awareness for healing Badassery at

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Wellness Wednesday – Side planks with the pup!

Can I just start by saying how awesome the outfit is of the woman in our heading picture? Anyway, on to the better fun of our amazing pup day. It was fun bringing Honey to the office and watching her guard

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Wellness Wednesdays – Shoulder Openers

When shoulders get painful, it can affect almost all of our daily tasks. And guess what? It’s NOT the shoulder’s fault! So often, tightness in our upper back and throughout the rib cage causes decreased motion there that then limits our shoulder

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Bellies, Babies, & Birth – Healthy Moms Equal Healthy Families

This week on Bellies, Baby & Birth, Wellness and Nutrition Expert, Lindsay Cavner joins Amy to talk about healthy eating choices for moms and their families. Healthy Moms Equals Healthier Families! Episode Highlights: Whole foods versus supplements   Great tips for

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Wellness Wednesday – Planks! Let’s do it!

So many mamas have been asking me for HARDER core exercises! Music to a therapist’s ears. BUT many are also scared of planks, especially if they have diastasis recti (DR) or have been told not to do planks. So here’s the deal:

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Using The Ball For Self Treatment

If you actually master using the ball effectively, you might think I’m giving away my best kept secret, but I am seriously committed to making sure clients can keep improving between sessions. I also want to make sure that we

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Wellness Wednesday – Massage Benefits for Pregnancy

Happy Wednesday Everyone! This is Courtney Giroux, the new massage therapist here. I hope everyone is having a great week. Some of you may have never received massage while pregnant, so today I wanted to give you 3 reasons why

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Bellies, Babies & Birth –

Being a mom is rewarding but can be exhausting. Whether you are new mom, a mom to be, or your children are older, sleeping well is important. This week Lois Laynee shares about a few easy steps to breathing &

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Wellness Wednesday – March Gladness Challenge

Welcome to our first ever MARCH GLADNESS Challenge! Gratitude can make all the difference in your mindset, so pick up some paper (or use this as an excuse to go buy a fabulous new journal), a pen and get started. The challenge is

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Now Offering Massage Therapy

Hi everyone – I am so excited to introduce you to Courtney Giroux. with multiple years of experience, including prenatal massage. We have a LIMITED TIME OFFER for some of our most valued clients! That’s YOU! Courtney has a passion for prenatal

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Wellness Wednesday – Let your light SHINE!

Do you even know where it went? Your light. Is it dim, bright, on fire? When was the last time you even checked in? Are you surrounded by those who throw water or gasoline on your fire? We all get off

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Comparison – friend or foe?

Comparison can be the thief of joy said Theodore Roosevelt. At this time of year we often do a lot of reflecting and planning and that can lead to healthy comparison as well as the judgmental kind that steals our joy.

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Wellness Wednesday – Self Rebounding

The longer the better! So I love rebounding for so many reasons. #1 is probably because it is so great for either energizing the whole body to start your day or can relax and soften and prepare for amazingly deep

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Bellies, Babies & Birth – A Mom’s Perspective

This week on Bellies, Baby & Birth, some of our favorite mamas, Katie Sandberg and Kaitlin Cook join Amy to talk about all things birth, pregnancy and being a mom! Episode Highlights: Learning to choose differently. What they want women

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Pelvic Reset

We all have a dominant side, postural habits, patterns of moving that we’re used to. Often those are not symmetrical because of that dominance and patterning. It is very common to have shifts in the pelvis, especially for women and

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Wellness Wednesday – Scar tissue affecting you more than you know?

  I work a lot with pregnant mamas and one thing they all have in common is wanting to have a safe delivery and a healthy baby. Having a LEEP procedure (loop electrological excision procedure, which is often done to remove cancerous

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Bellies, Babies & Birth – Movements for New Moms

  This week on the podcast physical therapist Antony joins Amy to talk about health, fitness and movement for new moms!    Episode Highlights: Just try something different for movement. Benefits of exercise far outweigh the risks. Learning how to

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Wellness Wednesday – Downward Dog

  So continuing with our yoga theme – because, well, YOGA!!!!! There’s just no better way to activate our whole body, elongate the spine, get into the hips and more. Well to save you from my soapbox, just watch the

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Did you know we work with babies?

  So there is nothing quite as great as baby snuggles, but what if your baby is tight or can’t relax against you? I’m not going to go into a long post about lip and tongue ties, the signs and

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This week on Bellies, Babies, and Birth! – We’re talking about all things Breastfeeding

In our first episode of the New Year, Jacqueline Kincer joins Amy to talk about all things breastfeeding for new mothers out there. You are doing the right thing, breastfeeding your baby, but it can often be challenging when issues

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