Wellness Wednesday – Postpartum Checklist

  Postpartum care is severely lacking in our country. This free report is my attempt to get out a quick checklist for women to know some things about their own bodies so that they don’t settle for common thinking it

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Pregnancy & Postpartum – you don’t have to wonder!

93% of women do not feel confident that they have enough knowledge about their bodies and pregnancy to successfully go through pregnancy and delivery. This is completely unacceptable. I’m thrilled that more classes and moms groups are popping up, including our own

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The Cue Breath

So you watched last week and have been working on your breathing you know you need to engage your core, but what does that mean? And how do you do it? or know if you’re doing it well? A lot of programs focus

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Wellness Wednesday: Filling & Emptying Breath

Breath. Breathing. Survival.   We know this yet we often don’t pay much attention to how we’re breathing or if we’re “doing it right”. How does breathing affect movement? How does movement affect breathing?   Breathing is where I start

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Wellness Wednesday: Finding the right Physical Therapist for you

  This week’s helpful tip is more about helping you find the right physical therapist for you. I feel that a big piece of my job is helping people feel confident in making choices for their healthcare. I also have

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Beyond Breastfeeding

So the baby is born – the hard part is over right? Then this thing breastfeeding that we’re supposed to just figure out. Thank goodness for so many more lactation consultants being trained and recognized for the value they offer.

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Wellness Wednesday – Squats Level 2

  We all want to take things to the next level right? Well here is a progression from our previous squats known as sit-stands to now doing air squats to a target. This requires a bit more control, strength and

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Wellness Wednesday – Squats Level 1

Also known as Sit-to-stands, which will make sense as you watch the video! I think people hear “squats” as an exercise and imagine this – heavy weights, someone already strong, squatting deeply – you hopefully get my point.     There

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2 dreaded words. Flu season. There is a lot of great info out there on boosting your immune system and whether or not to get your flu shot, but I’m talking today about what to do to protect your pelvic floor

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Wellness Wednesday – Adductor Sequence Level 2

Have you ever tried to stretch and felt like you just weren’t able to get to the right spot to make a lasting difference?   This week’s stretch should help because it has built-in variability to help you find exactly

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Wellness Wednesday – Adductor Stretch

Our adductors are made up of 3 smaller muscles and 2 longer ones. Their function involves bringing the legs together and connect to the bones of the pelvis and pubic bone and can often present with similar symptoms to pelvic

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Wellness Wednesday – Cat cow

Did you know that yoga can help your pelvic floor? This week’s tip is a classic yoga move but with my input on how to maximize it to help open the pelvic floor. Check it out then scroll down for

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Balance versus rhythms

Our mental and emotional health is just as important as and actually heavily influences our physical health. This week, I want to talk about one aspect of this that has been a very valuable lesson for me to learn and

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Wellness Wednesday – Bridges

  Needing CORE strength? stronger gluts? working on your BREATH? Bridges can help with all of this! This is often a part of home programs we give clients. It helps with so many different factors, and is a great starting

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Strong back, Soft front, Wild heart!

Strong back, soft front, wild heart.  This is absolutely one of my all time favorite Brene Brown quotes.  It’s from her book Power of Vulnerability and I love it so much, I want to make shirts, mugs, artwork – something!

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Scars – seen and unseen: How they affect us.

C-sections, a mastectomy, abortion, having 3 kids vaginally, miscarriages, rape, molestation, surgery, rejection – What do they have to do with one another? They can all lead to pelvic pain. Pelvic pain has become very personal to me over the

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Dollars to Donuts

Many practitioners have made the transition to cash practices and patients are left wondering what is going on and why their insurance isn’t offering them what they apparently need. With rising copays and deductibles, it can often feel like you’re

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Just Don’t!

So just like when I start belting a song out at the top of my lungs in my car and my 8-year-old son says, “Mom, just don’t”, I’m here to tell you ladies, when it comes to not using a

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C-sections: one mom’s story of pain, trauma and healing!

I have the honor of working with many women before, during and after their pregnancies as well as many years afterwards. They are the reason I am now working on more education classes as well as infant screenings to empower

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Pregnancy and your Pelvis – Myofascial Release help in Glendale, Arizona

Whether you are pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant or several years done with having children, myofascial release can be a life changing gift to yourself.  Pregnancy and delivery can be such a magical time, but it can also be extremely

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